Monday, June 2, 2014

TAKIING over the INTERNET and the human mind for immortality aptitude in front of 500 million children !

Typing what many people will eventually read is such a miraculous privilege.And for all the youth of earth, you finally have a 


I noticed sometime back how all parents were endangering their off-spring by forcing them to exist to die. Then, i noticed the lying brotherhood posturing these stories  of special people with fake solutions, usually males, that have a trust me version of a solution to death or some fabulous reason why it's okay to keep this death camp over-populating and poisoning the earth.

And all this time the not so clever sisterhood is in the background acting like nothing is wrong. Wow!   Well finally the smoke and mirrors lie is fading as quantum truth clarity and respect for life EMERGES AND sweeps the psycho-sphere Internetedly and maybe telepathically!